Divorce dating while separated

Rather, you simply need to live apart and not have sex with each other.

You and your spouse will need to live apart from each other for at least a year.

Things are a bit different when one spouse wants to become separated and the other doesn’t.

This type of separation requires a two-year waiting period.

The Maryland separation process is confusing for a lot of people.

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After a year of this arrangement, you may file for divorce.

Once you are granted a divorce, you can legally begin dating.

In a previous post, I offered tips for dating while separated. You’re waiting out the requisite year of separation to file for divorce, but you’re feeling antsy to move on with your life, to meet someone else, to date.

That article provides guidance to couples who agree that dating while separated is okay. Read More » If you and your spouse are separated and you’re feeling anxious to meet someone new…

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