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Meanwhile, Agent P tries to stop Doofenshmirtz from stealing all lawn gnomes in the Tri-State Area in revenge for having to dress as one in his youth. Candace tries out for The Next Super American Pop Teen Idol Star, but Phineas and Ferb take another route to stardom.

Meanwhile, Perry the Platypus tries to stop the evil Dr.

At the time he actually had a head of hair unlike how he usually appears in every other episode of the entire series, as he had an afro-like style. However, that "face" is actually Jessie Prescott, who resembles Bailey Pickett from the S. Being the hotel's former manager, Moseby was obsessive about keeping it in order.

In 1994, he became a waiter in the hotel's dining service, as shown by the photographs behind his office's desk. Tipton promoted Marion to the position of manager, when Esteban came to the United States. Marion and Emma head off to start a new life together. He is usually uptight in a Basil Fawlty-like way, bossy and prone to hysterical fits when things go wrong.

Doofenshmirtz tries to deflate everything in the Tri-State Area from his blimp.

Doofenshmirtz creates a machine that causes people to dance uncontrollably.

Candace and Vanessa accidentally get their clothes switched at the dry cleaners. Doofenshmirtz builds his own evil empire on an inner tube and Vanessa tries to bust him.

In 2007, his niece came to the Tipton to be more responsible. Tipton gave Moseby the job of becoming the new manager of the S. It is unknown how he got back on the ship, though nobody seemed to mind that he was gone. You could say that they have an on-again/off-again relationship, but it is clear that both have romantic feelings for each other.

In another episode he won the Tour de France, but was beaten up for not technically being entered (Breakup in Paris) Mr Moseby dances with Emma at the Seven Seas School Dance.

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