Draya dating

Draya eventually dumped Erica, and our source says the split was so ugly that Mena is now shook to be in the same place as her infamous ex. Of course none of this should come as a surprise since Draya is now openly flaunting her bi-ways with her line of Fine A*s Girls beanies, which come with the convenient acronym F.

Alas the rowdy romps came to a stop and the three way love affair ended after our scrap-happy banger became a bit too obsessed and got booted from her box-lickin’ chicks bedroom.

In fact, this surprise comes on the heels of the duo taking a break, but apparently, they both realized that they're much better off together."I knew I was going to say yes to him whether he asked me now or four months ago.

He's the first man to make me want to be different and be mature."As for the wedding planning, Draya says she's in "no rush" and is "going to soak this time in and have fun!

Year in and year out, I see the same exact fallout when men and women date as if it’s the finish line, not the starting line.

You meet someone that checks a few boxes on your list, begin to see them weekly, the butterflies give way to smiles, and for the first time in months you’re happy so you put your feet up like—!

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