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Imagine a standing monster and a dead monster that lays on the ground.

If we would attach the Collider to the main Game Object, then it would be in the default standing position at all times.

If we attach it to the pelvis then it moves around with the Animation and the Collider will stand while the monsters is standing and it will lay on the floor when the monster is laying on the floor.

So let’s find the pelvis in the model’s armature in the Hierarchy: And then add a Capsule Collider to it in the Inspector: Adjust the Collider properties in the Inspector until the Collider fits the model: Players have the ability to equip and unequip items.

Now select our Game Object in the Hierarchy again and then drag the archer model’s Controller and Avatar into the Animator component: Each entity also needs a Collider.

We could add it to the main Game Object, but it’s usually a better idea to add it to the Pelvis bone, so that it follows the animation.

We will also drag the bow into the Default Equipment list: So far, all we did was modify the Warrior prefab in the Hierarchy.

We can now either save our changes to the Warrior Prefab, or create a completely different Archer Prefab from it.

When you are done, give players a way to obtain it in the game world, e.g. Adding or changing entities is not very difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind.Afterwards we can select it in the Project Area and the modify the item’s properties in the Inspector.It’s usually a good idea to find a similar existing item in the Scriptable Objects folder and then copy the category, max stack, prices and other properties.We will go through the process that we used to create the archer from our warrior, one step after another.First of all, make sure that your 3D model is correctly imported with all the animations: Drag the Warrior Prefab into the Hierarchy: Then remove the 3D Model child object in the Hierarchy: Now drag the new mesh from your model file into it: If the model is facing into a weird direction, then rotate the model part: We also rename it to ‘3D Model’ for consistency and change the Layer to Player/Monster/Npc depending on what we are editing: Duration times later if your animations stop too abruptly or too slowly.

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