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It should also give the corner at Maple and Centre the strong anchor tenant it has lacked since the departure of the sports shop.

The Swanns are hopeful that their regular customers will follow them to the new space, but they also acknowledged that a certain percentage of their business will be irreplaceable without the Collingswood restaurant scene.

In the Indian rumaal chor, for instance, one player, the “thief,” runs around a seated circle of fellow participants, who extend their arms behind them; when the thief drops a handkerchief somewhere along the way, whoever grabs it becomes the thief’s pursuer.

The new property will allow duck duck goose to regroup as a dedicated try-before-you-buy toy store, with an inventory that includes used toys as well as Legos by the pound or by the set.

[Verse 1] Get the point like Champion, I'm Kurt Rambis rambling And-One I'll handle it, quaaludes and a Spanish bitch Back when I was popping pills I couldn't imagine this I couldn't imagine shit, study like an analyst Couldn't even take my finals kicked out my freshman year Knew I wouldn't get to college, didn't think we'd get to hear None my shitty raps.

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In a significantly more recent article, the evolutionary psychologist Peter Gray tries to make the case that all formal team sports are variations of tag—a three-year-old playing tag and an NFL wide receiver are both outrunning a pursuer, Gray points out.

Gray thinks that where an animal sits on the food chain may influence whether it has more fun chasing or being chased: for monkeys or squirrels, he writes, “the animal being chased shows the greatest pleasure in the game”—they need the practice outrunning predators; he places humans in this category too—whereas dogs like to chase cars because they’re more evolutionarily inclined to be the predators.

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