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“Every time we walked by, my husband and I thought, ‘That’s the perfect building,’ but that business has been there since 1950, and it’ll never be available.” The storefront in question—at the intersection of Centre Street and Maple Avenue—was occupied for a number of years by the Community Sports Shop, until an August 2013 fire in the upstairs apartments.The property was renovated afterwards, but the sports shop relocated, leaving the Swanns with an opportunity to move into the building of their dreams–which just happens to be located two blocks from their home and across the street from the elementary school their children attend.Researchers are only beginning to come to terms with how widespread play is in the animal kingdom.It was once thought that only certain mammals and birds wanna have fun, but we’ve more recently observed playlike behavior in fish, reptiles, and even invertebrates like wasps and octopuses.How did Minnesota diverge linguistically from "duck duck goose" to "duck duck gray duck"? My wife, a native Minnesotan, told me about this years ago, much to my puzzlement.—Slacker Inc AS great mysteries go, it's not quite up there with the lost colony of Roanoke.You may have heard it mentioned, by your wife or Garrison Keillor or someone, that a bunch of Scandinavian settlers put down stakes in Minnesota over the years.And burning energy needlessly is the best case; in the worst, you’re exposing yourself to physical harm, from broken bones to concussions, for what would appear to be no good reason.

In some parts of the British Isles the game is still called “tig,” in others “tag,” though it’s “tip” in North Wales, “tuggy” in Newcastle, and “dobby” in Nottingham. It’s not that upper Midwesterners have their own occult version of a popular American game; it’s that children everywhere use different names for some variation on the very same thing.

Irish and Scots brought fiddle music; Hungarians brought goulash; Swedes brought duck-duck-gray-duck, which endures in the upper Midwest.

There is a Swedish variant equivalent to the standard American name, called anka-anka-gås.

Buy a chicken restraunt and call it get the honkies Pizza place where all my niggas sitting in the front Sipping forty's and brews talking shit cuz it's cool I make songs cool when Im in the mood, but now it's like [Hook] Rap this, rap that, get the bread or quack quack Duck duck goose, top guns on these rap tracks Got dreams for the paper, so I don't recognize no neighbor.

After two years in downtown Collingswood, duck duck goose playroom is shutting its doors.

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