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If you’ve ever had an item left over from a breakup that you just can’t stand looking at anymore, Never Liked It Anyway is THE site for you.Giving you the option to buy, sell and tell all things ex, NLIA truly is the e Bay for breakups.“When you’re feeling awful, it’s nice to remember there are other people who have bigger problems than your own,” she said.And Acton only wants that concept to grow by inviting celebrities to sell their breakup baggage and give ALL of the profits to the charity of their choice.The site has sold more than 5,000 items over the past two years, the most expensive being an ,500 ring and the weirdest being a body pillow, and there’s even a TV show in the works.

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“It’s just a permanent reminder of the things that went wrong.

The kindest thing you could say about the new dating site is that it is the perfect place for the world's laziest dudes and most cynical women to hook up.

The least kind thing you could say is that it is mass-scale prostitution. ""Whats Your is like e Bay for dating," the site's founder, Brandon Wade, says in a press release.

Scarlet Johansson auctioned herself on the site for Oxfam.

"I'm also not sure how our posting is adult content.

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    “The future of the DPR for me personally is a free independent state that can talk as an equal with Ukraine,” states Zakharchenko in his exclusive commentary to Life News agency.

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    I mean, how often have you seen models, professional athletes, and famous actors using sites like OKC and Match.com? I'd love to call the founders genius but I think it was a happy accident.