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I enjoy watching a sweating woman being tortured on the rack, not only stretched but other things done to her while she is being stretched during the course of her interrogation. Well, you had to wait over a year for the movie; expect to wait at least few more days for the review.

Before I lay out the money to buy the dvd, could anyone who saw Maleficarum, critique the rack scene for me...there are some good reviewers on here...thank you. It's a lot to write about, as someone who was technically involved in the production, naturally I have my own opinions about the way things turned out.

I read some days ago a comment about Canada and Belgium ("we can't have it in Canada but even in Belgium they can buy it" or something like that).

Because I am Belgian citizen I was rather pissed of with this comment but now I can say the same thing (together with the UK comment some hours ago) :" We in Europe can't still buy Maleficarum but in some countries like Canada they can" ....

complaining about the PRICE of something that is a greater event in the GIMP world than Poor Cecily was in mainstream flicks.

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I'm in California -- just e-mail me at the address above.

Too much wood would cause the person to expire too quickly and as would too much clothing would bring flames too close to the mouth and instant death. I've seen lots of ZFX films that didn't come up to the standards of the best, and I admit I never supported Harmony glamour bondage or BATS or death fetish stuff.

But now I read some of our group here, after all the pics and reports on M, after all the trailers, etc.

I'd love to hear your opinions.petelobo: I very much appreciate your comments about why we should consider taking the plunge with Maleficarum even if it does not -- for some -- perfectly fit our tastes in Gimp.

I am not a big fan of movies set in medieval times.

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