Evert en willemijn dating

I even considered hanging the huge 17th century painting my parents inherited.

Instead, I decided to bring in more of my own aesthetics and visual language and added a short film which shows my grandfather’s love for his belongings.

The ruling by a Dutch appellate court raises interesting questions about this matter.

To preserve the validity of an original contract where there is a null clause violating competition law, contracting parties need to make clear that such a clause is separable and the other clauses remain valid.

I’ve combined glass with other materials such as metal, glazed clay and textile.

The distress of the plaster during the process has left its marks in the glass.

In the last part of the film there is a glimpse of me as a child about the same age my son is now.

The mirror wall of my grandparent’s living room has become a wall of reflecting glass discs.

I had great memories of working with the glassblowers of the museum during the time I worked on the installation Recollection I, (2012).

Though the material is a challenge to work with, I was looking forward to work with the glassblowers again and said yes!

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