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Take a look at the work for University of Phoenix and UNICEF for a true peek at how marketing can affect the heart and mind.One of the things I’m keen to do with these blogs is to give readers a deeper insight into the characteristics of a life with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.If we stick to this definition, the number of people who are truly living independently would be miniscule.We are all dependent on others in some way, from our employers, to retailers, mechanics, plumbers, bus drivers, farmers…the list is endless.

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Todays topic, on independent living, is a subject which I think we all have some experience in, but has a particularly unique meaning to the life of someone with Duchenne.Shared and shareable content campaigns are the ultimate end result—but how 180LAS gets there changes by client.For some, it’s about online dialogs; for others it’s about offline dialogs—for most it’s about finding the intersection between the two.It’s not something people should aspire to and its not a route to happiness – it is in fact unnatural and modern society would simply not function if we all lived like that.What is important is the nature of these relationships and the extent to which reliance and dependence on others inhibits our choices.

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