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View Screenshot - Fig 3 - Element Where it says Other regions on this page: there will be listed already doctitle, the default editable region that has already been saved.What you need to do next is name the region you are saving which is, in my example content.Next do the same for other editable regions you want, in my case I want an editable region for the menu on the left hand side.So repeat as above naming each region with its own unique name.

If you have any scripts within the head tags when you first attach a dwt to a page it wont be preserved.If you are working on an existing site, then you might want to remove the existing template, and if you used Page Includes save the path to the include at the top of the content when you remove the template for when you have attached the DWT and are selecting the paths to the Include Pages this helps you remember what they are.Needless to say there are many other scenario's of an existing site.Then right click and choose Manage Editable Regions the Editable Regions dialog box will appear.View Screenshot - Fig 2 - Editable Regions NOTE: If you do not select an element, the element preceding the location of the cursor will be defined as the editable region.

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