Expression web dwt not updating

So you must save it to a notepad file, attach the dwt to a page, and then reinsert your script, thereafter it will be applied to any subsequent attachments.Put the following code around your scripts in the head tag. Using these menus with a dwt saves you a lot of time.View Screenshot - Fig 3 - Element Where it says Other regions on this page: there will be listed already doctitle, the default editable region that has already been saved.

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If you do you will need to use 301 redirects on all the changed file extension pages.If you are working on an existing site, then you might want to remove the existing template, and if you used Page Includes save the path to the include at the top of the content when you remove the template for when you have attached the DWT and are selecting the paths to the Include Pages this helps you remember what they are.Needless to say there are many other scenario's of an existing site.Regarding your menus, I suggest using Page Includes, which after creating a template your happy with as regarding clean code and validation, you move the embedded styles to an external style sheet. The _vti_cnf folder contains information about every file, such as which links are within the file.The _vti_pvt folder stores all of the configuration information for the site.

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