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Liz wasn't a virgin when we first met but she was prudish. Slut would now be the appropriate term to describe Liz.I can't protest as Liz has introduced me to many other women in our lifestyle.While Lucie was very well compensated, she was also pretty fucking kinky.It was like I was still barley married until I got an email from a former lover Kara a few weeks after I had first arrived.

When I informed Liz that I decided to take the deal, she stared at me and said "I am not living in Prague." I had exactly one day to make my decision to go to Prague as the company had been quietly involved in a banking scandal. To say she looked well fucked would have been an understatement.Our agreement is "Sex with anyone is OK, no falling in love".That Liz embraced this lifestyle so enthusiastically shocked me at first.I fucked her twice and finished in her mouth which she then swallowed.Relaxing in bed afterward, Liz admitted she just needed to completely let go that day. I had no idea what to expect from Liz while I was in Prague.

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