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Whether you need a medical provider database in order to pre-populate a healthcare IT product or billing system, or to use as a medical mailing list or medical marketing list, the Care Precise Access Complete healthcare provider database offers the best value and most up-to-date healthcare provider data available anywhere.

Top quantitative executive recruiter Linda Burtch of Burtchworks provides insight into how to keep yourself competitive in data science, business intelligence, and other analytics-related careers.This allows queries to act on the full dataset (more than 5 gigabytes) within a normal PC environment, either using the Microsoft Access MDB files, or by importing into other database applications such as File Maker, Sales Force, My SQL, MS-SQL, Postgre, Oracle, Fox Pro, Caché, etc. In addition to the complete NPPES data, specialty and subspecialty descriptions have been added to the taxonomy data, enabling searches for "dentist," "otolaryngology," etc., in addition to the provider taxonomy codes Specialties are reported by providers using their Provider Taxonomy Codes.Care Precise datasets include both the taxonomy code and the specialty in plain English. The LEIE database of providers excluded from billing Medicare is included and linked to NPI records using advanced record-linkage, providing an NPI number for all LEIE (barred provider) records on matching providers, including providers not given an NPI number within the LEIE.Care Precise datasets include both the taxonomy code and the specialty in plain English. (provider taxonomy) descriptions, PECOS status, warnings on providers who have been flagged for fraud and other infractions, and new and dropped providers, in both Microsoft Access® and CSV formats, and delivers it all to you via download.Constant updates, generally available within 72 hours of the monthly federal data release, assure the best provider information available.

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