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So when the blog got turned off I ended up with nothing. I had previously built a website for them and we were discussing a new blog that they were desperate to get me on board with. I had content plans, product ideas and website design drafts to show them.

Excitement was building but no money had changed hands and something always seemed to pop up.

If the Googles of the world know, via GPS, that your phone is at lunch while every other gadget is at work–or if they’re smart enough to realize that you’re already sitting down for that meeting with your boss before pulling the trigger on a dozen push notifications–they can tailor a less DEFCON 5 approach to notifications to every moment of our day without risking that we’ll miss the message.

Last month I made an extra ,000 by jumping on the phone with a long-term email client to close a deal.

And it all happened because of a phone conversation.

After I got off the phone to my client it occurred to me that something very important had just happened. I could have kicked myself at all the wasted hours.

Email services like Gmail for one–along with pretty much every other Google service. Of course, with all respect to Skype, they have a lower-stakes platform than some, which allows them to attempt such an approach.

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The reason for that is simple: if you put all your eggs in one basket you’ll end up getting hurt.And I realized that it is something that almost every blogger is failing to do: make face-to-face contact. As I sat there thinking about what had just happened I wondered how many other jobs I’d lost because I was so insistent on being a hermit that .I was amazed at how quickly the issues had been overcome by simply taking the time to talk to my client in a medium where they could hear my voice and see my face. And this problem applies very directly to blogging.But this is a case where, to create the idyllic user experience across all apps, we need to get the underlying technology to work 10 out of 10 times, first.And that’s where context-aware gadgets and software get very exciting.

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