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For detailed information about the Hatea Walkway, follow the link below.

Listed winners: 2006 Ordeal Trotting Cup (Jasmyns Gift) 2007 Three Year Old Ruby (Springbank Richard) 2008 4 year old Ruby (Springbank Richard) 2009 Ordeal Trotting Cup (Springbank Richard) 4 year old Trotters Championship (Larix)Group Three 2008 4 year old Trotters Championship (Springbank Richard) 2009 DG Jones Trotting Cup (Springbank Richard) 2009 Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile (Springbank Richard) 2010 DG Jones Trotting Cup (Springbank Richard) 2013 Trotters Championship (Phils Gift)Its (deer fencing) cost us an arm and a leg.

The likes of Kirk Larsen, Ben and Karen Calder - and the Thomson boys are just over the road. Well also serve a few and get them to come back in sixteen days to test them.

You cant help but be impressed by the detailed thought thats gone into the establishment, for example the design of the box doors and gates which allow the transfer of mares and foals to happen easily and safely.

The track winds its way up through a bush valley and on through a grove of very large kauri.

The summit of Mount Parihaka is a popular destination for it's panoramic views over the city and the harbour.The Ross Track can be reached via Dundas Road (junction with Riverside Drive) where there is some limited parking space.All three tracks can also be accessed from the car park at the summit of Parihaka, which is reached via Memorial Drive.The foaling box is 6 metres square while the other two boxes are 5x4.5 metres. The Jones are only breeding from Dolly Mc D - a 12 year old Mach Three mare.In a short breeding career shes left Statham (6 wins), Bernie Winkle (3 NZ wins and 7 Australian wins) and the promising Toby OGara (1 win). I used to deal with him through Dalgetys (Stock Firm) and he had horses on his farm. I couldnt get a licence at the time so Harry trained it.

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