Flouridating water

Of course, much of the water goes down the drain, but we also bathe in it and it is absorbed by our skin.

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The Crime and Punishment of Sodium Fluoride is quite expensive for the worlds chemical companies to dispose of, but in the 50s and 60s, Alcoa Aluminum and the entire aluminum industry (who had an overabundance of the toxic waste) somehow sold the FDA and our government on the insane and highly profitable idea of buying this poison at a 20,000% markup and injecting it into our water supply and dental rinse.

Fluorine is the most highly reactive, and chemically unstable of all existing chemical elements.

Fluorine is not found by itself in nature because it is so unstable that it chemically combines, violently in many cases, with practically any other element.

Fluoride waste products are also derived from the industrial manufacture of zinc, uranium, aerosols, insecticides, fertilizers, plastics, lubricants and pharmaceuticals.

One such toxic, poisonous byproduct is called sodium Fluoride, which according to the Merck Index is primarily used as rat and cockroach poison and is also the active ingredient in most tooth pastes and as an additive to drinking water.

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