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Gustavo and the guys join together to get him booted out of the band.

After Kendall defeats him in a “bad boy” contest, Wayne Wayne is teamed with a parody version of The Wiggles. Knight becomes afraid of the Palm Woods handyman, who she believes is an axe maniac. Knight forces Katie to play with, and who turns out to be a 20-year-old con artist who poses as an 11-year-old girl.

Bitters, to get Katie to act in a commercial so that she can be admitted to the Palm Woods school. They enlist the help of all their friends at Palm Woods,including Camille and The Jennifers,to move the games and gadgets from the set to their apartment.

Special guest star(s): Koji Kataoka as Fujisaki Songs Featured: Big Time Rush Guest star(s): Erin Sanders as Camille, Lilli Birdsell as The Set Designer, Matt Riedy as Griffin, David Anthony Higgins as Mr.

Hansen later played Dak Zevon in “Big Time Photo Shoot” and “Big Time Concert“. as Personal Day Teacher, Maxine Weldon as Laxative Auditioner, Joe Dietl and Jennifer Say Gan as The Audition Holders, Nick Vogels as Elliot and Peggy Flood as Elliot’s Mom.

The boys get a dose of reality when told that they have to attend school for at least four hours every day while living in Los Angeles. Special Guest Starring: Chris Masters as himself Songs Featured: Big Time Rush Note: Mr.

Gustavo reluctantly allows the boys to mansion sit, but they must follow his rules or be fired.Griffin gives them three months to produce a demo CD. Special guest star: Nicole Scherzinger as herself and Fred Tallaksen as Mr.X Guest stars: Erin Sanders as Camille, Challen Cates as Mrs.Kendall gets mad at Gustavo for turning James down, and sings “the giant turd song” to him.Gustavo is impressed with Kendall’s fiery personality and offers to bring him to Los Angeles, but Kendall will not go without the other three.

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