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It's not fun to watch my husband play, and continually see women displayed sensually in front of him constantly.Anyway it is a neat game, but like I said it's too addicting, and there's too much sexual content.Hope this helps Look everyone here is saying that this game is horrible for kids. I Bought the game in 2003 when it came out along with my friends at the time i was 10 now I am 18 years old have a girlfriend and am going to Dartmouth University next year.Oh no you will get addicted and your life will be over for-everrrr.... Typical kid growing up my life is fine and i still play.If you think thats bad than take your kid to look at a magazine stand. This is a great game for kids and adults to play together with other people from around the world as well as friends and family from around town.You can learn a lot from the game and the people that you play with.

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I don't play the game anymore for these reasons.I played this game for 6 years because it is highly addictive.Because of my addiction I overlooked the sensual content in loading screens and pvp map screens and just about everywhere else.If worried about the drinking well I say good for Wo W.They show you what happens if you get drunk, dizziness, disorientation and other bad results.

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