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That is the wrong way to fake your way to success, this store has a serious management issue and it needs to be addressed.I was part of the success of 2016 Black Friday and claiming the #1 status, but I knew this year we in no way could back that up, our customers were telling me, but your management must cant hear either, because the don’t listen, some of them I believe are actually afraid to talk with our customers and avoid them.Lowe’s is currently the second largest hardware retailer in the US behind Home Depot.Their corporate office is located in Mooresville, NC.We now have a new store manager and I sure hope he is doing his job because in my opinion and it should be worth something.I was taught very early to get to work, get my administrative duties performed and then manage by walking around, talking with employees and customers. I am now that guy in the trenches and I have to listen to what our customers have to say about this store and it is not good, shoot I have heard that some employees and managers have figured out a way to capture the customers receipt so they can manipulate the surveys so we can get our bonus.Lowe’s was originally founded in 1921 by Lucious Lowe in the form of Lowe’s North Wilkesboro Hardware in Wilkesboro, NC.

My trailer is rated for 1600 pounds and I know that the pallet weights in at 2000 pounds.I went to the store on 1/25 , I believe, and watched as the customer service representative reordered and expedited the shipment of those pieces from the company. I have been told various things – and the items were re-ordered again. I called again today and was told the items will not be in until the 10th.I was told the items would be delivered within 2-5 days and I would be notified. I heard nothing and I called the store on Monday – 1/29/ The items were expected that night. I have been promised return calls at least twice from customer representatives. I have been to the store an additional time, and actually bought light fixtures. I was put on hold and have been disconnected three times. I have been told I will be reimbursed for these items. I have the rest of the work waiting for these items.I go back to the service desk, ask for a manager, a guy named Phil shows up, and asks me what is the matter.I explain the story, he writes my name and number on a tablet of paper, and dismisses the incident, I tell him my hand is burning a little, but I feel I will be okay.

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