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The City’s zoning department worked with the community to clarify what was happening on the Simply Home Community lot.

The community describes its permitting interaction with the City on its FAQ page: “Let me get this straight.

Vancouver, British Columbia, has some of the most forward-thinking and flexible DADU regulations in Cascadia.

But there, too, city regulations require laneway homes be at least 280 square feet, which is larger than most tiny houses.

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Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get RV certification without a professional dealer, something inaccessible to most DIYers.

Online tiny house advocacy groups encourage prospective tenants to get to know their neighbors and make sure they’re happy, because code enforcers are unlikely to knock on the door unless they receive a complaint.

Regardless of these precautions, sooner or later, many tiny houses are forced to move or lose their wheels and find a foundation.

In a step forward, Oregon and Washington (see Washington’s official self-certification code here) have both instituted certification processes for self-built RVs, making permitting for DIY THOWs a possibility.

The American Tiny House Association has also created construction guidelines to assist DIYers in building their homes to recreational vehicle codes, but even these don’t guarantee certification as an RV.

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