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We have learned so much from our neighbors about making wine, pruning fruit trees, canning, and raising chickens — and all in our own yard! It’s also very common for people to have extended family members in the country who make their own olive oil or wine or have fruit orchards or pigs to share with their relatives in the city.

So, even Croatians who live in urban apartments are often still quite connected to the soil.

When harvest time comes at the end of summer, is made and canned. But anywhere you go in the country, the food and wine are incredible. government in Šestine, a residential area just north of the Zagreb city center.

If you say you’re busy, people will tease you: ‘If you can’t do coffee, you have to get your life in order.’ I love to see so many people sitting together — not working on their computers or staring at their phones — talking, laughing and being present over coffee.

Every morning after I finish my cup of coffee, two-year-old Grace takes it and dramatically breathes in the scent.

For the past two years, Amanda and Cameron Marshall have been raising their three young children in Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, after moving from California.

In today’s Motherhood Around the World interview, Amanda shares their favorite holiday tradition, the food that makes her do a double take and Croatians’ answer to anything that’s ailing…

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