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Just watch some of the UK dash cam compilation clips on You Tube to get an idea of how picture quality varies.

Sometimes paying more is a good idea, especially if it means you can make out the registration plate of the car that crashed into you and drove off.

These recommendations are for 95% of builds and for people who also use their car on public roads.

We don't recommend any other cams for street use or mildly built engines.

Footage from dash cams is now accepted by some insurers to settle who was at fault in an accident and it’s also admissible in court.

Here’s what to look out for so you can spend your money wisely.

These are our own guidelines for what's likely to work best for your particular set-up.

We'll quickly cover the most common applications below, please remember bigger isn't better here.You can get a decent dash cam with GPS for around £70-100, but you'll pay more if you want extra features, and even more if you want a rear camera as well as front.Some insurance companies offer discounts if you have a dash cam. offers 20 percent, and for young drivers, My First Insurance has a specific dash cam policy in association with Nextbase which gives you a 30 percent discount.In general, Nextbase cameras are the most widely supported in the UK.Most models come with a small battery that allows it to finish saving a file when you turn off the ignition.

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