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"People often read this as 'fear of trans people' and sorta rightly so, given its etymological roots," Monika says.

"However, the way it’s used is more than just the fear or hate of trans people.

LGBTQ activists tend to label such murders as mere “hate crimes,” minimizing the gender confusion factor.

For this edition of Elle Oh Elle, I’ve enlisted the voice of Monika MHz, a Portland DJ and columnist.

Since the goal of many gender-confused people is to “pass” as the opposite sex, it can be confusing if a male Tinder user thinks, for example, that he’s saying “yes” to a woman — only to find out later that the “woman” is really another (biological) man who is “identifying” as female.

Similarly, women have been shocked to learn that the “guy” they are dating is actually a woman trying to live as a “man.” A much more serious manifestation of the same problem has led to a rash of murders of “transgender women” prostitutes — men “hustling” their bodies on the streets posing as women.

Some men turn violent after learning that the prostitute they had sex with was not a woman but a man posing and dressed as one.

However, being an ally is more than just a few actions.

Even if you don’t know a trans person, you can ally.” Write an email to your state and national government officials in support of employment protections for trans folks, or talk to your family about the humanity of trans folks. Pronouns are the parts of speech we use to describe the gender of people, pets, and sometimes boats and cars (if you’re into that sort of thing).

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