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The original Exposed TV You Tube channel which uncovered all his lies got hundreds of thousands of views on their videos.

Unfortunately, Blaha managed to take the channel down by filing fraudulent copyright claims against the videos, since they used footage from Blaha's channel in order to prove that he contradicted himself.

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Double majored in Psychology and Nutritional Science at Texas A&M, achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA without ever studying. Rumour has it that this was one of his portfolio pictures (not srs). Won an eating contest in high school by eating 13 large Domino's pizzas in under two hours.

-Not only was he an assassin for the CIA, but he also revealed that he worked as a private military contractor.

He was recruited by the Clinton administration during high school due to his target shooting skills.

He was trained in knife fighting in order to kill forward scouts and quietly assassinate people.-Didn't have to pay Layne Norton any money when he lost the lawsuit in the United Kingdom because the U. This means that Agent Blahino had more confirmed kills than Chris Kyle's 160.

They wouldn't dare try to collect off him anyway since he has a level of training comparable to the British Special Air Service.-Receives a special government pension with a sealed record for his past CIA work, which is why he doesn't have a job.

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