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With some of the highest national business tax rates in the world, the United States ensures that not only do we lose the capital to finance our most successful local entrepreneurs, but we incentivize successful businesses to relocate overseas. The wide smiles and wide-open spaces are a big part of that, and the clean living, water and air makes this the best place that I can imagine to live. Doug Burgum promised re-invention in his campaign for the governorship, and he won handily. The relative indifference of some previous governors helped to diminish the prestige of service on the board; some governors made their choices from among political loyalists, thus shrinking the talent pool even more. 28If NAFTA goes away, it could have a sharp effect on blue-collar workers, small business owners, manufacturers and farmers—the very people who put Trump in office.Congress' tax plan hopes to court the best and brightest business owners by being especially friendly to small businesses. Farmers in the Dakotas and Minnesota are helping feed the world, but that won't be as easy if expensive tariffs return in a post-NAFTA economy.But it's nice to know the small colleges nearby are pushing forward as well.Crookston, and the entire region, should be proud of UMC's accomplishments. 29Why not give (rural teachers) a competitive salary?Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Try one of these to meet new people Joining a workout/yoga/spin class Alumni Club Softball/Kickball/running/cycling/volleyball/walking team or club Do you have a college degree? I attend Yellow-Tie International Business Development Association — Yellow-Tie The last event had 100's in attendence Parties in the Park - Parties in the Park is this wednesday. Check the rft/stltoday/metromix etc for events and festivals going on. It's VERY easy to meet people after they've had one or two. It sounds like you hang out in the right areas if you are looking to meet a guy about your age with a good job, educated, and stable.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. See if your alma mater has an alumni club in the area. If you're into the bar scene, I always found that the Central West End was filled with young professional single people. Even if you're not particularly athletic...joining a goofy kickball team can be a great time. Attend any of the bars surrounding the stadium on gameday. I think your best bet is to go to Metropolis events, meetup events, and maybe take a stab at online dating.How about cutting non-infrastructure spending until the water plant and road fixes are paid up? 12For North Dakota to reach its full potential, we need citizens equipped to compete in a global economy, which requires lifetime access to the best education at affordable prices. 13Because most Republicans are more educated than most Democrats, they understand the importance of burying differences in crucial situations. 14Burgum's action (to create a higher education task force in North Dakota) presages a vigorous debate but it doesn't predict specific consequences.

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The "fix" for this is not to increase the sales tax. I for one believe his personal animosity has overwhelmed objectivity. In fact, although my husband has tugged at my sleeve to get me to retire, it's bittersweet to leave my university and community at a time when we have the right leadership in President Mark Kennedy.

For example, we are against any effort to create a minimum wage. 20By pointing to governance as the primary problem in higher education, time and money will be spent pursuing an unachievable goal of structural reform in a state that has rejected proposal after proposal to change the governance of higher education. 21Altru's main clinic closed earlier this year after a structural failure unexpectedly forced its evacuation. In the 10 months since, hospital officials said they stepped back to "think about the big picture" of the region's health-care needs. I can make all your fantasies come true." The ad includes a phone number. The company is earning money off what appear to be prostitution ads, child slavery and sex trafficking, and it's not right. New legislation, called the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act, may help. 23I have been fortunate enough to travel widely in the United States and abroad. It is unconscionable that Congress would enact massive tax cuts primarily for the rich while short-changing children, seniors, working families and people with disabilities. 27It is cardinal rule of criminal justice that the punishment be commensurate to the crime.

So what about a reduction in the corporate tax structure, which has been pushed by Republicans in recent weeks? 20It doesn't take a degree in economics to know that a dollar spent on federal taxes is a dollar unavailable to the local economy. What they decided was, in their words, "a bold new era of care." That's the lemonade. 22Ads currently exist on's Grand Forks dating section, including one that proclaims "Ayisia is back. While there is beauty and great people everywhere, I have never returned home without thanking God that I live in North Dakota. If lust is a factor, then sexual assault by anyone under 70 should be regarded as a capital offense; assault by those between 70 and 80 should be a felony; those between 80 and 90, a misdemeanor; and anyone over 90 a joke. 28No other governor since Bill Langer has taken an intimate interest in the state's colleges and universities.

So the most social discourse I get out of my day is watching a 3 and 4 year old....

Once you make a few friendships the friendship ball will start to snowball. Does your employer have any suggs or single friends? I don't go to bars by myself even when there's a good chance I will run into someone I know there.

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