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Innovative ways to impart knowledge particularly of PMTCT and updated standards of practice are essential.

It is important that the community understands how transmission occurs so that prevention can follow.

This portion of our site will be of special interest to: Michigan residents; local health department staff; doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers; community-based organizations; and clinical laboratories.

The Michigan HIV Consultation Program is set up to answer questions from Michigan health care professionals regarding: Go to the HIV Prevention section of our website for guidance and resources related to HIV testing, counseling and referral services, the prevention of HIV transmission, and general HIV prevention education for consumers.

ARIES is also utilized by the following Office of AIDS care programs: Housing Opportunities for Persons Living with AIDS (HOPWA), Medi-Cal Waiver Program (MCWP), and Medicare Part D.

Care Reports ARIES resources ARIES Help Desk Surveillance Reports Surveillance Resources Local Evaluation Online (LEO) is is an online system for tracking information about Office of AIDS (OA)-funded HIV education and prevention programs, including counseling and testing services.

These systems are secure and kept up to date to ensure the confidentiality of the data collected.

The data are collected to meet the requirements of funders, as well as to guide program implementation and improvement.

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