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A victim of hairdresser Daryll Rowe, who has been convicted of giving men HIV in a landmark case, has revealed the devastating moment he discovered he had been infected.Daryll Rowe, 27, originally from Edinburgh, infected five men from the Brighton area and the North East with HIV while five others narrowly escaped contracting the life-changing virus.He loved star signs, likening himself with characteristics of his Libra symbol of being 'relationship orientated', artistic, creative and balanced.After he was diagnosed with HIV in April 2015, he said he tried urine therapy in a bid to rid himself of the illness.

He was 'very spiritual' and lived by the mantra of 'love, life and positivity'.He was told about the treatments available but stunned medical staff in his home city of Edinburgh by informing them he did not want to take anti-retroviral drugs.He then failed to attend further follow-up appointments in September and October 2015 because he had already moved to Brighton to embark on his plan.He was found guilty of five counts of causing grievous bodily harm and five of attempting to cause GBH yesterday in a prosecution hailed as the first of its kind.A court heard he infected the men in a 'revenge' campaign on the gay community after he was diagnosed with HIV.

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