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But, I guess you could say that I was “spoiled” in that all of the previous white guys that I had dated possessed many characteristics that man of the black/other guys that I dated simply didn’t have. Am I wrong/right in telling our reader she should follow her heart and let her hubby find someone who decidedly wants to be with him? Perhaps it was just the way most white guys are raised – but I simply enjoyed my interactions with White men more… I absolute love reading through the search terms that bring people to this blog – it’s quite the funny bone tickler.

I dated another white man in college but we broke up after I discovered he was married.And thus, despite dating the rainbow, I always found myself coming back to what I was most comfortable/happiest with: White men. I guess the reader didn’t really ask for advice, but I would say if you find yourself longing for White men or having a wandering eye because you’re more attracted to them than your current partner, you should do yourself and your hubby a favor and seriously consider if you should remain in your marriage. First of all, I should definitely get an award for the longest blog post title with this one!help the people out in the comments sections below! Black women have told me it's because I'm a sellout.

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