Interracial dating community

I had experienced similar while living in Oakland and dating politically righteous unapologetically Black femmes.

When we date POC as POC we are in many ways confronting ourselves. We are magnifying our own personally strengths and our flaws.

Interracial couples exist in spite of racism and twisted ideology.

But why do Black men often allude that dating a white girl as the true sign that you’ve made it?

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They refuse to move for me (and mostly everyone else) on the train.When they are being spotlighted by white folks it is in a fetishized manner.Black women are either high sex or the help, not the CEO, the lawyer, or the banker.She had just been on a date with an entrepreneur; a highly accomplished Black woman who had her own business was seemingly brilliant, breathtaking, and cool as fuck.This person personified #blackexcellence and yet – my friend wasn’t sold. As we dove further into it, some things began to become clear to both of us. As a Black woman herself she could very easily see herself in her and vice versa.

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