Interracial dating community

She had just been on a date with an entrepreneur; a highly accomplished Black woman who had her own business was seemingly brilliant, breathtaking, and cool as fuck.This person personified #blackexcellence and yet – my friend wasn’t sold. As we dove further into it, some things began to become clear to both of us. As a Black woman herself she could very easily see herself in her and vice versa.We as the audience are led to celebrate with him, to see this woman as a slut, while he is the lucky bastard who gets to leave this messy situation. We don’t take a moment to delve into the system that she was raised in, the system he was raised in, one that never told her that her body mattered.One that was devoid of the white feminist cries of empowerment.And he looking for high fives in the audience is hearing the words of many rappers.How fatherhood is entrapment, that “these hoes ain’t loyal.” The cycle goes on, and the white supremacist system wins.As Kanye said: “…and when he get get on he leave your ass for a white girl.” Thus making a commentary that a Black woman is perfect for you when you’re struggling but as soon as you’ve met success, it’s on to the next, the step up, the white woman.Black women’s bodies have long been seen as disposable.

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They dance off of stage high-fiving anyone who will give them a hand.

Eyes that turn from longing to anger when they see who she is with: me.

Historically in America, Black men have been painted as brutes, as strong working bulls who do so well in the fields because they are essentially animals. The fear of the white man, a savage, a sambo could be lusted after by someone who should only have eyes for them? Despite all of the damage that white men have done for centuries both to Black men and arguably much worse to Black women, we have bitten back.

Interracial couples exist in spite of racism and twisted ideology.

But why do Black men often allude that dating a white girl as the true sign that you’ve made it?

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