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But you want to store guestbook entries on the web server, where other people can see them. The Ardguest Free PHP Guestbook Script is a simple, free guestbook for those with web hosting that includes PHP.

Also see the guestbook section of the PHP Resource Index. Old-school ASP programmers will want to check out his original ASP Guestbook Application.

There's one important catch with PHP scripts you download from other websites without understanding the code yourself: you need to keep an eye on the program's website and install any upgrades that are released to fix security flaws.Your web hosting account does have to allow PHP, Perl/CGI or ASP before you can use these.Most free web hosting services do not allow any of these— sooner or later you get what you pay for. a remarkably high-quality, free guestbook service.You can get a free guestbook just by signing up on their site.

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