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This goes directly against any argument saying that whole eggs lead to fat belly’s and heart disease. A German study from Cologne University Medical Center found that physical exercise can be as effective as Viagra in dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Over 80% of their participants with mild to medium circulatory problems reported better erections compared to 74% taking Viagra! Men far too often feel like whatever burden we have to bear is ours alone.

Diet is the number one factor for maintaining great health and having a physique you can be proud of. Make no mistake about it, if you eat crap you’ll look like it too. Depending on your weight and intensity of training, an hour long workout can burn 700-800 calories.

We then reward ourselves with 4 slices of pizza later than night and gain back 750 calories.

A better way of doing things would be to keep your reps as they are if you were trying to build muscle, keep sprints and don’t start going for long runs, Bulking and cutting dominate the bodybuilding and fitness industry.

We bulk to gain mass then try and lose it all to look ripped.

New studies are showing that our fat cells are most responsive to insulin spikes during the morning.

Get some sun, or take the supplement and stay healthy and happy.

But you can obviously go overboard, which has a very negative effect (fact 16).

Walk into a gym and you’ll most likely see guys working the ‘mirror muscles’, that is, those muscles that are seen in the mirror.

That V-shaped torso (X-shaped if you count the legs) is the ideal for men.

It’s pretty tough to attain this look if we’re not building width in the chest, back, and shoulder region.

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