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Within India, there is a lot of debate about whether or not there was an Aryan invasion that conquered the indigenous Dravidians, relegated them to the South of India, and imposed a ferociously racist Hindu caste system on the darker Dravidians – with Whiter Brahmins and higher castes being on top and darker Dravidian types being put in the lower castes. High caste Indians from South India are often quite dark, and lower caste Indians from the North can be quite light.However, there is a general tendency for higher castes to be lighter skinned. The Aryan Invasion theory is actually most popular with Dalits or untouchables.In truth, all Indians are best seen as one coherent group.An interesting collection of Northern Pakistani types, who resemble in type the Northern Indians such as Punjabis.The guy on the left, I swear, could be a Greek fisherman and the guy with the slicked-back hair could easily be an Italian.

Wonderful people, and surely as stupid as any Christian or Muslim fundamentalist anywhere.

So does this mean that the proto-Indians of the Middle East were Australoid types? Racially, peoples of either the Middle East or Europe are poorly known at such an early date. As you can see on this Cavalli-Sforza gene chart of the human race, Indians are just a bit outside Caucasians.

Indians and Dravidians are outside Caucasoids (but not by much) on the Cavalli-Sforza genetic chart below, but we have to lump them into one of the big three, so to Caucasians they go. It is true that Indians on some charts are the most divergent Caucasians of all.

The motivation is unsure, but they seem to be denying that caste is a bad thing or that it was imposed by evil invaders.

This is often leavened with dollops of caste is a good thing, or caste is normal, or caste hardly exists anymore talk, or other pro-caste propaganda.

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