Is mandating health coverage legal

Both trivalent (three-component) and quadrivalent (four-component) flu vaccines will be available.

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The law also requires that health insurers provide consumers with full and accurate information about their coverage.The announcement also marks the next step in “New York’s Promise to Women: Ever Upward,” a series of actions taken by Governor Cuomo to support women’s rights.“Women deserve to make a fair wage and the same salary as any man, they deserve to work in an office free of sexual harassment, they deserve comprehensive paid family leave, and they deserve control over their health and reproductive decisions,” “These regulatory actions will help ensure that whatever happens at the federal level, women in our state will have cost-free access to reproductive health care and we hope these actions serve as a model for equality across the nation.” As part of the actions announced today by Governor Cuomo, the Department of Financial Services will mandate that health insurers: “There has never been a more critical time than now to ensure access to the reproductive health services that New York women require.Factors that can determine a person’s suitability for vaccination, or vaccination with a particular vaccine, include a person’s age, health (current and past) and any allergies to flu vaccine or its components.CDC recommends use of injectable influenza vaccines (including inactivated influenza vaccines and recombinant influenza vaccines) during 2017-2018.

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