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He wears a pointy light red hat, a blue shirt and has a shaggy gray beard, mustache, buck teeth, and crooked gray eyebrows.

He seems a bit absent minded and senile, however in Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets, it is revealed that he is actually quite intelligent but can not communicate his knowledge. In "Tourist Trapped", he tries to attack Mabel and Dipper while they're fleeing from the gnomes, but Dipper grabs him and smashes Shmebulock against the Mystery Cart's horn three times, then throws him to the side of the road.

After Lazy Susan is abducted by the society, they carry on to retrieve the pie.

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The Gnome Police Department is the gnome's armed law enforcement force.Shmebulock Senior was Shmebulock's father, who appeared in Ford's flashback where Ford was studying him and recording him into his journal in "A Tale of Two Stans." Ford also asked what his name was, and he answers, "Shmebulock, Senior.," showing that he can say the word "senior," not just "Shmebulock," opposed to his son. Mike is a gnome who was told to watch his fingers when Jeff was climbing down the monster made out of gnomes.In "The Last Mabelcorn," it is revealed that Shmebulock Senior died, as the words "R. Andy is another gnome appearing in the episode "Tourist Trapped." The fairy dust dealer is a gloomy looking gnome who appears in "The Last Mabelcorn." Wendy, Grenda and Candy meet him at Gnasty's gnome tavern when they're looking for a way to defeat Celestabellebethabelle.Later, Stan complains about how nobody respects him to Shmebulock, who patiently listens to him and replies "Schembulock." Some gnomes are seen helping to build the Shacktron.After Bill destroys it, some of them are surrounded by Bill's henchmaniacs, and Teeth swallows Schembulock, but spits him when he's being sucked back to Nightmare Realm after Bill's defeat. He wears a dark red hat, has a pink nose, brown eyebrows and a brown beard.

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