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He added, "We're not too close, but yeah, she's a great person." but whose life was simultaneously unraveling.

Lewis died in a freak occurrence in 2012, either falling off or jumping off the roof of the home where he'd been renting a room after beating his 81-year-old landlady to death."It wasn't a secret that Johnny had issues he was dealing with," a source who worked on told E! "No one could have expected it would end so tragically, though.

""I used to date her back in the day for a couple of years.

But we're still really good friends," Thiessen said.

But, it seemed like it was a festival fling when the breakup rumors surfaced weeks later. The musicians seem to have rekindled their romance (or maybe it never burned out in the first place?

) and were seen together Thursday on an epic date night.

I know 'The One That Got Away' and 'Circle the Drain' are partly about him, as well as Travis. She could never help him and couldn't [let herself] go in that direction." Well, Perry certainly met the "Grace Kelly" singer, but their night hanging out at the Serpentine Gallery's summer party in London in 2008 (and then leaving together) never seemed to turn into anything.

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"A lot of her songs were partially inspired by him.It's due out next month and we all know at least Mr.Russell Brand will have some screen time, whether he likes it or not.Video of Perry rocking out and stage diving at a Relient K show in the early '00s—when she dated the band's frontman—made the rounds about 10 years later.Thiessen mentioned Katy Perry in an interview with in 2012 and the interviewer seemed taken back, asking, "You're a friend of Katy Perry's?

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