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Springfield is ready to celebrate the holiday season, but the weather just isn't cooperating, and it's up to Lisa to find out what's keeping winter away.Then, all the girls at Springfield Elementary try to capture Bart beneath the mistletoe and steal a Christmas kiss. And when Homer once again ruins Ned Flanders annual holiday party, Ned is pushed past his breaking point.When it comes to relationships, the thing that really matters if both people have a connection and make each other happy.

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But while the age difference shouldn’t be a major issue, it’s still something to consider.

“They start to ask questions like, ‘How did you and Dad meet?

’” It can be a challenge for parents to react appropriately. This will help kids see the importance of their own inner qualities.

“You still see them as your little babies,” she says. “This is the beginning of talking about relationships. Freedman Smith says it’s a delicate balance between validating the child’s feelings while not putting too much attention on the crush.

Parents should be calm about it, because you’ve got to keep that door of communication open.” Bates says parents shouldn’t laugh it off, or tell their kids they’re too young to be interested in the opposite sex. “The feelings are real, even though the relationships aren’t adult relationships,” she says.

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