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And that’s without the social pressure demanding that you partner up.Speaking of that pressure, women have been told that we are expected to attract a mate since the beginning of time.We tried to direct conversation away from politics, but all we could really focus on were the little red or blue states that kept popping up.We finally gave up when a major swing state went republican at 1 a.m., parting ways with a very happy me and a clearly irked boyfriend. Leading up to the elections, we had civil debates about tax reforms, abortion policies, medical marijuana, standardized testing, welfare... I though that once election night was over, these civil discussions would be less common.Even with our new opportunities, that pressure still exists. By learning how to cook a really good chicken dinner. There’s an article about how men will propose to you if you cook a special kind of chicken.Sometimes, men have not wanted to date us or commit to us. There are a million articles that teach women how to be the ultimate partner for a man.Books like Does throwing yourself into the cult of self improvement to attract a mate seem time consuming and sort of laughable? Like a sane human being who understands that you can’t bully other people into liking you. So guys, maybe, just maybe, if you’re frustrated by the fact that women aren’t dating you, rather than writing a revenge piece blaming them for our current political climate, consider some skills you could cultivate that would improve a woman’s life. Or do anything rather than just standing there screaming, “you are obligated to date me or I will make you miserable.” Because the main person that approach will make miserable, is you.What would make people see you as a more desirable mate?

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Between being ragged on or having his new policies publicized, a photo of Trump can always be seen on every social media website, newspaper and news station.

The author remarks that OKCupid has introduced a feature that allows users to indicate their support for Planned Parenthood. He then relates this to the concept of Assortative Mating.

This feature was introduced Wednesday, so it cannot have anything to do with Trump’s rise. The concept states that, especially since the 1960s, people have gravitated towards partners who are similar to themselves in background, wealth, values and cognitive ability.

Or, as Bojack Horseman joked, the Jews are to blame for WWII because they “peeved off Hitler so bad.” I am also fairly certain that women who did not want to date conservative men are not responsible for Trump, because I doubt they voted for him.

This seems to be lost on the party of personal responsibility.

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    #lovethesetwo A post shared by amy smart (@smarthouse26) on "When you are in a CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP, then you need to take responsibility for engaging in that and not play victim," wrote the 41-year-old actress.

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