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Application deadlines are: summer, 2/10; fall, 6/16; winter, 10/15; and spring, 10/31.Note that Cosmo internships are for credit only, so please apply only if you'll be able to earn academic credit while interning for us (check with your adviser if you're unsure how this works).Currently the award winning actress is filming as Belle for the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast alongside Luke Evans and is a representative for the UN and advocate of the He For She campaign promoting equality for women.

To submit a pitch or query to, please send it to the attention of the Web editor. A: Yes, we do — for the fall (August/September through mid-December), winter (mid-December through mid-January), spring (mid-January through mid-May), and summer (mid-May through mid-August) semesters.27, she married English actor Michael Wilding, 20 years her senior. Purportedly, they remained friends until he died in 1979 after an epileptic seizure caused him to receive fatal head injuries during a fall down a flight of stairs. Todd ordered the doctors to sterilize Liz after the birth, fearing for his wife’s future safety. The actor, who was three years older than her last husband, was killed at the age of 48 in a in a plane crash a month and a half after their first anniversary.Elizabeth began dating husband #4, singer Eddie Fisher, only a few months after the burial of husband #3.They married a little over a year after Todd’s death.The Taylor-Fisher marriage lasted 5 years—when Liz moved on to actor Richard Burton before the divorce and just after they had begun adoption proceedings for their daughter.

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    It was later discovered that, not only did the abortion clinic staff fail to report the situation, they also supplied the victim with birth control pills.