Lift and carry dating

He grabbed a drink and spent the rest of the night cozying up to the biggest woman at the party, who happened to be white.I’m starting to wonder this is just coincidence, or if a lot of these men will only date Plus Size Princesses of a certain race. I have more thoughts but I know race can be a complicated subject, so I’m going to stop here and let you guys chime in.

If I were single, I'd be uncomfortable outweighing a guy who outweighed me, because I have serious body issues and am currently overweight. But if he were short and skinny, it wouldn't be a dealbreaker. He was also a jerk, but his daintiness didn't help. "No, because I prefer a man who looks like he could physically defend me if need be," Not that there's anything wrong with a lady's preference, or that anyone should have to rationalize what attracts them, but I found this wonderfully ironic. Eric, it's an evolutionary thing -- the perception of strength via body mass/possible muscle mass. Even minor adaptations (like lactose tolerance in some) take thousands of years.That must mean there's something wrong with him." Her thinking I had a problem kept our relationship from lasting very long. When I was younger I rarely topped 110lbs at 5'6" so a man with that body type or ratio would end up looking overly delicate to me. He accidentally put on her jeans once, and they were way too big around. When I was 14 and my boyfriend was a wrestler who had to drop twenty pounds below our relatively same weight to be competitive, I worried a little about this shit, but when I grew up, as long as I knew I wasn't fat, I started ignoring it. My boyfriend at the time, now my husband, weighed 115.Even now at my age, I dont top 120 and much of that is due to several years of lifting to gain some muscle. I remember thinking it would be so embarrassing if my husband's waist and butt were smaller than mine. He didn't gain any significant weight until he was 25.Are you a White/Black/Latina/Asian PSP who feels like your race has an effect on your dating life? Do you find that men of a certain race hit on you more?

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