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But this didn't last long, cause he started squinting "like a mole" to see the teleprompter, not realizing he needed glasses. Michael also worked as physical trainer at Beverly Hills' 'in' fitness center Matrix One with clients such as Pierce Brosnan and James Brolin.His television career started shortly after he graduated from USC.On their website 52 years while at the Eye in the centre in the share who jeffrey donovan dating ellen huth say the growing number of scammers who will.

He likes writing and wants to do more, but he has not enough time for it.

Weiss was born under the sign of Aquarius in Northbrook, a suburb of Chicago. "I think parents get together and say, 'Let's stick this kid with a really awful name,' you know what I mean?

" He's 6'3" tall, has dark brown hair and brown eyes (btw, he's short-sighted).

During this time, Michael got a role in the musical Hair in Northern California.

Along with his other cast members, he played his role completely naked.

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