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Two bouncers lurk menacingly on the periphery, providing some sense that the dates in this world aren’t optional.

She has spent the last week dazzling on the runway in New York.

If the aircraft is space-capable it will indeed be a military game-changer.

Writing for new-tech site Rogoway said: “Boeing has also been chosen by the Pentagon's "bleeding edge" research and development arm DARPA to build a new revolutionary spaceplane-like system called the XS-1."It is possible that this aircraft has something to do with this program, even if it is just in a scaled down risk-reduction or technology demonstrator form.

Self-driving buggies transport them to a cabin, where they’re given the option to sleep together, or not. But there are other questions hovering around: Why do Frank, Amy, and all these other attractive young adults live inside some kind of sealed dome, “Hang the DJ,” directed by the TV veteran Tim Van Patten, has the artificial-world sheen of “Nosedive,” with its brightly colored cabins, soulless restaurants, and ubiquitous talking devices.

Things must have been “mental” before “the system,” they agree. It also has moments that feel like a critique of Tinder and its counterparts, like the scene in which Amy proceeds through a sped-up montage of different relationships and sexual encounters as if outside her own body, detached and dehumanized.

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