Minecraft 1 7 auto updating

This is the most error-prone way to check for the latest version, but requires little work and doesn't need a special action every update.NOTE: always checks the latest uploaded file and can't check if the file is compatible with the current Minecraft version, mod version must be in file name, no changelog support - Get the project name and id of your Curse Forge project.

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Currently there are multiple ways of adding your mod to the list. (super easy) If you do not have a version checker yourself and your project is uploaded to Curse Forge you can make Version Checker check the latest version there.

For these reasons, there is no need to manually update your graphics drivers.

Instead, you should make sure that your computer is up-to-date using the built-in "Software Update" tool which you can reach with Spotlight.

To find it go to the Curse Forge page of your project and copy the text after '/mc-mods/'.

For Version Checker this is: '221140-version-checker' this should be very similar for your project (a number with your project name). - Add a new String to the NBTTag Compound with the text you found above, the tag should be 'curse Project Name'.

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