Modifications necessary to dns for accommodating rodc Horny free text chat rooms

Once you have enabled the accounts that will be cached on the RODC, the users at that remote site can logon to the domain as before.Any additions in terms of users, group membership, or group policy will apply on the next replication cycle.

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This is where you should take note of a key term you will come across in your exam: the password replication policy (PRP).Microsoft obviously realizes that this is a big issue for companies that often have small offices but also have domain requirements.Small networks often come with further downsides, such as poor WAN links.It also includes the configuration of a new feature to Windows Server 2008, Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC).In the same way that Windows NT4 used a singular primary, writable domain controller for writing data and used additional Backup Domain controllers (BDC) as read only boxes that allowed for domain login at additional sites, RODC is a read only domain controller for Windows server 2008.

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