My roommates are dating Wam on cam

I know I can legally give them notice, but I don’t want to do that if I don’t have to.

In the worst cases, you find yourself awkwardly duking it out for time in the bathroom, fighting over space on the DVR, and letting dirty dishes pile up in your tiny kitchen sink.

That's why we asked a handful of R29 staffers to reveal the domestic behaviors that they secretly can't stand.

Some of their deal breakers are probably your deal breakers, too. Click through, and see if you recognize yourself anywhere in here.

(You don’t have to be married or planning on staying together in order to talk to someone or find an online support group.) It is possible for you to end your romantic relationship with Sam kindly and respectfully, while leaving the door open for a continued friendship.

Whether Sam takes you up on that right away, or the two of you decide you need to take a little space after your breakup, please know that you are not doing anything wrong. Dear Prudence, I am in my mid-40s and have a good job.

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