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You're both .) Um, don't you want to tell us about Hillary Clinton?

LOVATO When I went through my shit, I realized it was for a reason -- to make a ­difference. Think about my past and where my love for performance comes from -- musical theater.

And today she's the best version of herself I've ever known." Says Brad Paisley, who recently released the duet "Without a Fight" with Lovato: "Nick and Demi both are great examples of child stars coming of age, becoming really legit, respected musicians.

As we all know, not everybody makes that transition." , which hit No.

These days the two enjoy cigars and espresso shots, nerd out over conspiracy theories, watch dumb comedies (but don't really read: "No books," says Jonas) and call each other with any personal crisis.

Lovato demurs on the subject of her breakup with Wilmer Valderrama, until June her ­boyfriend of six years, but says Jonas has been there for her and that they've been making music together on the bus.

She was like, "Just go, ­create and be free." She also said some other things...

LOVATO (.) I go, "Honestly, I didn't like her anyway." It's not because she's mean or anything, but he has such a great sense of humor and I want him to be with someone that makes him laugh. Tell me about your friendship early on, when you were filming .

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Fan Army Face-Off: Beyonce's Beyhive Is Buzzing Around Nick Jonas' Fans Demi, you're single now. LOVATO It's not on my mind, but I welcome anything. But she and I were productive -- we'd write songs about it.You could f-- anybody that you want right now, so have fun and do that."JONAS The tricky thing is, from what I've heard, I'm a bit emotionally unavailable. JONAS I internalize things, so we have this rule that we never want to hear about it in a tweet or something.She'd read me the riot act, so she's the third person I call -- my dad, Joe, then Demi.I can share my story a ­million times, but it's not as tangible as going to Capitol Hill. (You're visible LGBTQ allies, but some have suggested you're stringing the community along for a fan base. And playing this gay fighter in a very macho world for , it requires me digging really deep, and I do it with respect and honor. It's obvious what my ["Cool for the Summer"] lyrics are about.Hillary is in ­support of mental health care and, yeah, I'm a Democrat. You recently stood up for Ariana Grande at Mariah Carey's expense. Just because I never said anything bluntly [about experiences with women] doesn't mean I'm exploiting it.

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