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The Anglo-Saxon kingdoms that emerged during the Dark Ages spoke largely mutually intelligible varieties of what is now called Old English, each varying somewhat in phonology, morphology, syntax and lexicon.This linguistic conservatism can be seen today to the extent that poems by the Anglo-Saxon scholar the Venerable Bede translate more successfully into Geordie than into present-day Standard English.I will send it back in a reasonable amount of time.region of North East England and the name of the Northern English dialect spoken by its inhabitants.NIN has been playing a cover of David Bowie's song, "I Can't Give Everything Away." It is hauntingly beautiful and definitely gives me chills while listening to it.I've been living under a rock for the last 9 months and found out this was posted to soundcloud then, anonymously.Thus in Northern England and the Scottish borders area, then dominated by the kingdom of Northumbria, there developed a distinct "Northumbrian" Old English dialect.Later Irish migrants (who, while relatively few in number, influenced Geordie phonology from the early 19th century onwards) and Scottish admixture influenced the dialect.

Download the zip file below to get this remix that NIN has been playing out this fall. A lot of you have been awesome already and sent me in a few hundred concert stubs to add to the archive, THANK YOU! Check the date in the archive to see if there is a stub, if not, please send it over! Please get in contact with me via email, twitter, smoke signals to have it added to the archive!Another explanation for the name is that local miners in the northeast of England used Geordie safety lamps, designed by George Stephenson, known locally as "Geordie the engine-wright", rather than the competing Davy lamps, designed by Humphry Davy, used in other mining communities.Using the chronological order of two John Trotter Brockett books, Geordie was given to North East pitmen; later he acknowledges that the pitmen also christened their Stephenson lamp Geordie.The Toon Army, is the name of the most devoted Newcastle United F. fans, attending every home match, as well at travelling supporters following the club during away matches.The Geordie Schooner glassware was traditionally used to serve Newcastle Brown Ale, and more generally as a serving glass for bottled beer.

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