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The impressive architecture of the temples at Yeha, and of the newly discovered one near by at Grat-Beal-Guebri, which employed, in typical Syrian style, both wood and stone in their construction, are good evidence for this, and for the introduction of Syrian religious practices.Grat-Beal-Guebri appears to be built above the massive foundations of an earlier building, going back perhaps to the time of the first settlers.the archaeological evidence from there is very difficult to interpret owing to the surface erosion that has taken place, but it seems likely that occupation continued very much later - even if the centralized administration associated with royalty may have come to an end.The conventional view has been that the Meroitic state was dealt its final blow by an expedition of King Ezana (Aezanes in Greek [probably since this time the name Eritrea exist, Eritrea means the land on the redsea which come from the latin of europe]) of Aksum at some time close to AD 350.The evidence for this expedition is to be found in an inscription at Aksum written in Ge'ez, which describes an Aksumite campaign in the Island of Meroe, though there are a number of varying interpretations as to the nature of the campaign and the situation at Meroe at the time.

October in Rome a rider to the boundaries, in which the speech of that was "present possession state, ", the Italian troops marched to the Mereb-river and partially in addition before That the Ethiopian signer of the contract was unknown., the Ethiopian emperor could make use of in diplomatic questions of the services of Italy, in the Italians however with Ethiopia would have become the protectorate, what Italy shortly after signature of the contract also sounds necked announced.Tigrinya Translator / Translation for Eritreans(Eritrea, Eritrean) and North-Ethiopians(Ethiopia) contact phone number - Germany - 49 152 - 172 907 47 If you dont see the Tigrinya, words please download the free geez font.Geez-Font Download 300 years out of the Povinz Tigray after Mereb Milash, where that protection race of Mereb Milash (Tigrinya label for sovereign) them granted.The Takazze is the river Atbara, and the text certainly implies that the Noba were a people previously subject to Aksumite rule and that the campaign was a punitive one.The text goes on to describe how he defeated the Noba at the crossing of the Atbara, burnt their towns and seized much material including stocks of cotton, and killed many of this enemy, among whom were several chiefs whose names are given.

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