Online dating blues

There are many places online you can buy dark glasses, skinny ties and fedoras to make your costume look great: It's likely you could also pick up these items at your local vintage clothing store or even the Salvation Army thrift store.If you have some time to shop before the big event, you can probably find everything you need for your costume locally.

This is a costume idea that every member of the family can embrace and have a lot of fun with.You could get people to dress up, listen to the soundtrack or watch the movies, eat some good soul food and have a great time.Assuming you want to dress up as Jake or Elwood, you might want some help coming up with the basic accessories that make their costumes so great.Blues Brothers costumes are a lot of fun for men and women dressing up for any occasion.The classic look for Jake and Elwood is pretty easy to get with items you might have around the house or that you can easily buy at a used clothing store.

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