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Outlook Anywhere is not enabled by default in the Exchange Server.Below are the steps to enable Outlook Anywhere on an Exchange 2010 Server.GAL segmentation allows one to create an appearance of hosting multiple independent email organizations within the same Office 365 tenant.Administrators can create multiple address books and global address lists and filter them to only the specific contacts/mailboxes/groups.It’s not the prettiest powershell command but it does the trick, and can be scheduled to run periodically so that newly created users who have membership in the Test. To confirm that your assignment command worked successfully: Office attribute in on-prem Active Directory maps to physical Delivery Office Name in Exchange Online.The approach is the same as above: we need to create 1) resource address list, 2) mailbox address list, 3) GAL 4) offline address book based on GAL, then 5) create a new address book policy combining the 4 elements above, and finally 6) assign the new address book policy to mailboxes, which in this case have a certain string in the “Office” attribute.

Set-Execution Policy Remote Signed $session = New-PSSession -Configuration Name Microsoft.Authentication :- There are two types of Authentication mechanisms.They are :- Don’t select this option unless you’re sure that you have an SSL accelerator that can handle SSL offloading.Recently it was noticed that an active mailbox database copy got failed over and was in a “Failed and Suspended” status.Upon analyzing the event viewer, the following alerts were noticed: The first thing you can do is to right click on the problematic database and select Resume Mailbox Database Copy The database will start re-synchronizing and will become healthy.

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