Petrie sequence dating

We also sell books on coins, antiquities/artifacts, archaeology - a new list is in preparation and if you presently have any specific titles you are seeking, let us know. We have some rare volumes, also many older catalogues and price-lists, including U. Struck during the Second Punic War in Italy when the city was in alliance with Hannibal. The town was loyal to Rome during the war with Pyrrhus, but went over to Hannibal following the disaster at Cannae in 217 B. The man-headed bull reverse, with and without Victory, was a type shared by a number of Campanian cities and may have generally been understood as representing Acheloös, the father of Sirens. Hubert Lanz, Munich (his description, rarity and grade). Its territory extended to the sea, and Strabo says that from the extent of the city walls one could gather that it had once been one of the greatest cities of Italy. of the nymph Himera l., hair bound in ampyx and sphendone; in front, six pellets (= mark of value). Good VF, attractive dark greenish-brown patina, difficult to photograph, much better "in hand." Ref.# V1027 .50 SICILY: MESSANA. r., wearing chlamys ending in tassels falling over both arms, about in attack pose. Ref# V1198 Sold This elusive issue celebrates Sybaris' short-lived alliance with Poseidonia. AR Sixth-Stater, last-quarter of the 5th Century B.

of nymph r., hair bound with fillet and turned up behind. Ref# V1134 .50 For rarity see Art Coins Roma (ACR) Auction 6, Lot 66. Bull standing left, looking back, on ground-line; in exergue: VM (= abbreviation for Sybaris = SY in retrograde archaic letters). Incuse of obverse, but to right and without letters. Far superior to the Stack's, New York 2011 International Sale, Lot 13 (also chipped! Flan somewhat ragged (as usual), otherwise, nice VF Ref# V1199 Sold For rarity see Heritage Auction 3037, Lot 29894.

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