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Because the few real women who are using such sites generally skip over the average guys, (and the operators of pay dating sites know they do this,) fake profiles are used to entice men to sign up, and at the same time give them the false impression they might actually get something for their money.Sadly, this kind of fraud is hard to prove, and the legal systems in most Western countries are loath to address it.As a result, a lot of perfectly good guys are getting shut out.It doesn’t help that the vast numbers of women on Po F doing the shutting out are of low-quality – thug lovers, tattooed from here to kingdom come, serial daters, substance abusers, single mothers looking for a meal ticket for themselves and their kids, fatties, and psychotics who wouldn’t even begin to interest the top-notch guys. Women who pay a fee for use of a dating site are even more demanding, and they often see the fees they pay as an investment in landing a top-drawer guy.And, of course, the whole game seems to turn upon the atavistic desire some women appear to have for criminals, thugs and other guys who appear to be, in some inexplicable way, ‘alpha’ males even though they aren’t even remotely ‘alpha’.The big problem in this kind of behavior is that in order to be considered worthy, a man has to have some purely superficial attributes or specific kinds of material possessions that have nothing to do with his ability to be a good mate.Thanks to all who have posted valuable comments on the site.

Oh sure, there are alternatives – escorts, porn, onanism, celibacy, hook-ups, and PUA. And if you’re thinking about getting into random hook-ups, you’d better have game, and you’d better be good-looking.That is, they can filter in the top 5% of men – rich, good-looking, and tall, and ditch the rest.In addition, they can ignore or block men who respond to their profile, if they’re not up to snuff.Due to more pressing concerns, I will not be updating this blog or adding new content.I will also be closing the blog to comments as I no longer have the time to moderate them.

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